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Thread: Want some people do for $$$$

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    Might need to cut and paste.. I still can't beleive this.. And to think some girls don't like money shots on their face's or heads.. :rollside:

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    Angry Inch
    I'm speachless. :hammerhea

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    Underneath the ad she should have had a big L tattoed also :2purples:

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    golden Palace could have ponied up the 10K and only made her do a temporary tattoo and STILL got all this PR. Thats just retarded on both sides.

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    They do know that is not removable except by laser surgery.

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    Water Romper
    :rollside: However….if they can get “Neon Lights”…now that would be special…

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    Phat Matt
    That is worth way more than $10k!!!

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    That is worth way more than $10k!!!
    NO SH!T!
    no way in hell would I do that, not even for 1mil

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    There's been a lot of that advertising shit been going on here lately.. I guess everybody needs that extra buck somehow...Maybe advertising on porn stars lower units so when fully erect it will come out to be a full name of a website.. Yeah I know I have a sick mind...

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