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Thread: Oil filter flow????

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    OK, what is the proper flow of oil through a standard Chevy oil filter. Does it go in on the outside of the case and into the center and out the center tube, or in through the center tube and out to the outside of the case?

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    Flow is from outside to inside.

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    Oldsquirt, thanks for the info, you jump around all the boards, same as me http://free.***

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    Craig, why don't you get a chrome oil filter! It should add about 50 ponies to that motor just like the valve covers you sold me!

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    This leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I say it, but I don't need anymore horsepower at this point! Did I really say that? I just want the boat, especially the outdrive, to stay together this year so we can have lots of fun on the lake, instead of working on the boat. I missed the last two springs. I'll just do a little more prop testing and see if we can bump the mph a little more. Plus, I'd rather continue trying to get the Gran Sport back together and running to shut up the nay-sayers who swear it'll never see the road again http://free.***

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