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Thread: Anyone Used Torco Rtd Gear Lube?

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    I was told by IMCO to use is I wanted TORCO's RTD full Synthetic gear lube in the new EXTREME drive they make. I was told it will run cooler as it is a little thinner and will flow better thus lowering the overall operating tempetures.
    Has anyone used this stuff and where can I get the TORCO stuff at some type of deal? I was quoted $185 for a 5 gallon pail plus shipping, pretty steep if you ask me!
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    I know that they have been around along time and supply some of the best synthetic racing oils. I am currently using their 5W-30 in my Suburban and have no complaints. Their website is and they are located in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Shipping hazardous materials can be costly, that is why the price is at a premium. But their blends speak for themselves. Just my two cents.

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