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Thread: Anyone tow with a Subaru Forester?

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    Tom Brown
    ...... seriously?
    My boat and trailer weigh about 1500 lbs fully loaded for the road. That's well within the Forester's rating.
    ... let the beating begin.

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    Nah. Sorry Brown. 'round these parts we pull real boats with real trucks. Not some hopped up sissified canatard car.
    How was that?

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    Tom Brown

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    post a picture

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    sorry dog
    Would that be a regular Forester or a Forester XT? did the Maxima finally give up?

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    Tom Brown
    The Maxima is fine but it's getting a little old. Plus, I enjoy asking about this stuff because I like to troll for abuse.
    I'm not positive it would be an XT because the XT requires premium fuel.

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    what color ? if it's shit brown - you should be able to excert at least a g :crossx:

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