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Thread: Katrina's Myths take a beating

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    1978 Rogers
    "Data show black, poor did in line with populations. A new look at Hurricane Katrina's dead in New Orleans indicates the victims weren't disproportionately poor or black. The elderly, however, were overly affected. " From the Tacoma News Tribune this morning on the front page. :idea:

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    Forkin' Crazy
    Yea, and none of the poor blacks were looting or shooting at rescue boats or heli's... just ask Jesse...

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    Steve 1
    Yeah the bad white man blew up the levees !

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    1978 Rogers
    naughty whiteys

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    Yeah the bad white man blew up the levees !
    Yes, just ask Minister Farakahn .....
    Just why do all these idiots seem to think that being "ministers" and "reverends" gives them some kind of credibility just because they claim to be "men of god"??? Still moronic idiots, racists too. Jesse, Louis, oh, wait a min ... I think AL is still studying to be a rev, hasn't made it yet.

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    I heard Messy Jessie is spending time with his family right now. I wonder which family, the legitimate one or the other.

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    Since we know of 1 "other" one .... just how many do we NOT know about .....
    I bet he gets a lot of cards on Father's day .... :crossx:

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