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Thread: Ok, so it's really Friday today...

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    Do F150's Float?
    Despite NoTalent trying to trick us yesterday :yuk:
    It's Friday. And I'm bored. So here...entertain yourselves...this made me laugh all day yesterday
    Slogan Generator (
    I'll start: Do F150's Float? Comes to Those Who Wait.

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    Cole Trickle
    You Deserve A Cole Trickle Today. :crossx:

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    Washing Machines Live Longer With Cole13

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    Shake the Bottle, Wake the Riverracerx.

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    The science of Greaser

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    Dude, You're Getting a DCB!
    Now, that's classic!!!
    and for my screen name.. (I love this thing!)
    With A Name Like Onlymoney, It Has To Be Good.
    Thank you F150!!! :rollside: :rollside:

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    Big Kahunaa
    The Man From Big Kahunaa, he says "Yes"

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    Big Kahunaa
    they just came up with this (Dick - The Appetizer!)

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    Do F150's Float?
    Hahaha, glad I could provide some entertainment! Now...if you've heard of the band Fall Out Boy ("Sugar We're Goin' Down") hafta watch this...Totally LMAO!!!!! Sugar We're Goin Down - Interpreted! (

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    Cole Trickle
    I am not sure when Riverbound started taking dance lessons but Bill should seriously try out for one of those reality dance shows!!!!!

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