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Thread: Oop's some Rats may be going to jail

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    Steve 1

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    Steve 1
    Note this "The probe is the latest in a series of controversial investigations"
    CONTROVERSIAL ????????????????????????????? Rat squeak pure and simple when they get caught !!!!!!!!!!!But having the FBI on their case will cease to be funny or cool to be a Traitor before long ..
    There is NOT enough jail time available for these scumbags

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    Steve 1
    This is going to be the undoing of a few Rat big wigs

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    Forkin' Crazy
    This is going to be the undoing of a few Rat big wigs
    We can only hope!!!!

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    The NSA takes their business to an extreme seroiusness. Compared to NSA, the CIA and FBI are lightweights playing softball. I eagerly anticipate them racking up WHOEVER leaked stuf, regardless of party affiliation, but I know the relative odds .... lessee ..... a dozen sources ,,,, 5:1 Lib Democrats .... The 2 Repubs will be the entire story. :crossx:

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