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    I'm buying a new boat, and it will not fit in my garage. Its not the type of boat that you put on the side of your house either. I need a covered storage facility, and just wondering what some of you who store your boats pay, and where do you store it. I need Ideas. I looked up some local storage facilities and thay want almost 300 a month. :cry:

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    Big Kahunaa
    We get $3.45 a foot for inside storage in fort mohave

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    Hardly Satisfied
    199 A Month In Havasu 13 X 50 Unit

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    I keep mine in Needles. $135/mo. (I think) 35' deep. Cameras, security gate, boat wash area, toilets and showers. They are putting in a launch ramp too (or so they say).

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    Desert Rat
    Buy a cover/metal building, erect in my back yard and keep it there! We'll talk about who owns the cover when you sell the boat

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