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Thread: Masterlube pre-lubrication system

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    Have a new boat where I was considering installing a pre-lubricator. Are they worth it? Couldn't same results be obtained by pulling the coil wire and then cranking the engine?

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    I've had one installed on my 502 for several years now. Pulling your coil wire is NOT achieving the same function. The system allows you to have 20 PSI of oil presure before you turn the ignition over. The system is pretty east to install, and helps get all the old oil out of the galley's when you do an oil change. I think it is a great investment.

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    chickmate, Your making a good investment. Starting any motor dry is not good. Some boats set for weeks at a time. If my boat sets for any period, I pull the mag and turn the pump over with a drill motor. Like Viper said it taks a while to get the oil up to the lifters by turning the motor over.

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    Hey,Viper and Thunderbutt thanks for the information.Sometimes some of the products advertised in HOT BOAT turn out to be scams. It is nice to be able to contact people who have used a product and find out whether it is the REAL DEAL. THANKS

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