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Thread: spam**chrome trailer wheels####

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    i have 14x6 5 lug @ 4 1/2 in pattern.....wheels that are in the pic below......they have no visable rust and are only a few years old......hub caps are sold sorry make me a offer.....

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    come on someone 60 bucks for 4 nice chrome wheels plus shipping

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    Squirtin Thunder
    OK, OK, Ok keep twisting my arm, if you can find out what shipping would be to 86442

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    ill find out tomorrow how would u want em ups or mail?

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    Squirtin Thunder
    ill find out tomorrow how would u want em ups or mail?
    UPS is usually cheeper.

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    ship them greyhound.......... yeah, the Bus company does freight also.
    cheapest for stuff like this.... and even tires.....

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    If not sold check your PMs

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