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Thread: Underheating Problem, Maybe?

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    454 Marine Power Engine built to 390HP Sport Pac I think it is called. Jet drive. 2001 82 hours. Stock. Mobil 1 oil, Napa gold filters.
    Temp when running on hose/Tee fitting gets up to 140 at idle if left for 5 minutes. Running last few times out in the river or lake though the temp gauge never even moves. Stays at the 100* mark.
    Is this an issue????
    [ June 25, 2003, 08:55 PM: Message edited by: Mandelon ]

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    Racing Ray
    You will see quite a bit of increase in horsepower if you get the temps up. Put a valve in the line and use it for orficing the water flow.

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    Racing Ray? We havent seen you round these parts for a very long time.
    Please stick around. Your a great asset to us here on the boards!

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    yeah, this can be a big isue. if the engine does not reach operating temp it can damage it. does your motor have a thermo kit installed?? if so did you check the thermostat??

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    Haven't checked anything yet. This is my first stop. How would I check the thermostat? Pan of hot water on the stove?

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    you can test it that way if you like. my recomendation would be to just replace it. if you are going to go to the trouble of taking it out they only cost like $7.00 so just replace it. im sure it will cure your problem.

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    Racing Ray
    Can you explain why a drag racer running alcohol will first manually divert the barrel valve and run the engine sometimes for quite awhile? It is to build heat in the engine before making a pass. Depending on different conditions I will leave the starting line at different tempertures. It can and does make a differance in horsepower. You used the term BIG not me and it is a relative term. I see people spend big bucks to add 10 maybe 15 horsepower and controlling heat is a freebie.
    You want the intake charge cool as possible, this is to achive a denser fuel/air mixture and compress more air into the cylinder prior to combustion. However more heat around the combustion chamber will aid in igniting that fuel mix.
    As to your personal needs I could care less what you want or want not to see. Did someone die here and leave you the boss?
    As for "and if you're like the rest of us then you really don't give a damn about the excess pollutants that you are putting in the atmosphere from your boat".
    I can see this board has made you official spokeman and I am shocked to see that none of you care what you are leaving behind for your children and their children.
    Last time I looked this was a disscusion board and not a "Prove it to Riodog Board" In short KMA!!
    [ June 27, 2003, 08:15 AM: Message edited by: Racing Ray ]

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    Gee RR, I'm really sorry if I stepped on your toes and hurt your feelings. I didn't realize that with all of your vast knowledge and experience that your education had been so sorely neglected! First of all, "big" versus "quite a bit of increase" is a non-issue! The difference is the same as " RR has a small dick" versus "RR has a little dick". YOU get no point for that 'grab at trying to be Joe ****ing know-it-all'. Next we'll go back to the original description of Mandelon's motor and let us all try and find the word "ALCOHOL". Gee Retarded Ray, do you suppose that, just maybe, alcohol and gasoline have different burning properties? Tell you what hero, we'll do a test and prove to our students just what we're discussing. We'll fire up yours and mine(blown,chilled,12/71 on 110 oct) and I'll put my hand on your blower and you can put your hand on my blower and that will show all of our minions just what the difference is between alcohol and gas. (remember, don't use the hand you're married to).
    Next I'd like to congratulate Mandelon on his new endeavor. I didn't realize he was racing an alcohol boat. Gotta be careful though, can be dangerous as proven by what transpired with Mikey Frye at Ming last weekend. Oh, you're NOT! Wonder where Hallucinating Ray got the idea that you were referring to alcohol?(it's that lack of school thing again). I think RR has got alcohol on the brain-the kind he gets from a wine bottle!
    Since you're starting to bore me, I'll just ask a few quick questions and then you can go back to slinging your bullshit that had absolutely nothing to do with the question that was asked. (you'd know this if you could read)!
    HOW does someone "divert a barrel valve"? How does someone go about "orficing" something? Try using the word 'control', and besides, you spelled orifice wrong. Achive (sp)=achieve. Now Mr. Wizard, for your last and final question, If the burn ratio between alcohol and gasoline is about 1.8x1.0, then explain to all of us how you are so shocked about what I'm leaving behind for all of the children. I would not be surprised if the % of boat motors in use at this time that could 'possibly' be smog legal was less than 2-3%.
    I would not have even responded to your pathetic post if YOU hadn't made it such a personal attack. However, since YOU had to try and play BMOC here goes.
    YOU are what shocks me most. That someone with your obviously damaged gene pool would be so inconsiderate of the rest of the world that you would reproduce and take the risk that your offspring would turn out to be as mentally handicapped. Your lack of education not withstanding, I'm really not convinced, after rereading your post, that you possess the thought processing skills necessary to chew gum and play with yourself at the same time. As for your spelling, I understand they have even been able to train a monkey to use 'spellcheck' so you just might have a way to go.
    Glad you're back, RR, but try to stay on the topic.
    Rio aka Michael
    PS, you might benefit from "hooked on Phonics", just a thought ! Ya know last time I checked this was a tech forum. And also last time I checked I'm the mod here. You guys want to take it off topic and make a drama out of it complete with name calling I'll lock this thread faster than a dropped valve goes though a piston top. Take it to the sandbar or bench racers cause it ain't gonna pollute this tech forum. And I ain't pissed at anyone, this is just childish shit and it ain't happen'in here. And sorry if I mis-spelled anything and sorry if you don't like the big bro post Rio but this is one forum that's gonna remain a useful arena for tech info with minimal drama.

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    Now back to tech. Rio I agree with one thing only you've posted. The valve isn't the best way to warm it up because you run the risk of overheating at idle when water flow and pressure is lower. We had this exact problem earlier today with another customer and I've seen it dozens if not hundreds of times. I'd recommend a thermo unit with the exhaust bypass #160100.
    If excessive pressure in the block is an issue with a wide open valve there's ways to deal with that also.
    When I post an opposing view I try to do it without the attitude and with some reasons. Everyone can then make their own evaluation from there. RR is a great asset to this forum whether I agree with him on everything or not isn't even an issue. Pissin folks off and/or havin them leave the forum is not the answer here. And that's just what posts with the attitude accomplish. And yes Rio your intital post had some attitude in case there's any doubt what I'm referring to here. I know it's your style. There's really no reason for it IMO. It's my understanding RR left this forum before and personally I'd like to see him stick around this time. The more tech minds present here, the more views get presented and the more problems get solved.

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    if everyone thought the same we would all be driving Ramblers. If you have a different opinion then I'll weigh the good and bad points and make my own opinion. I've got probably 30 yrs of old magazines in my garage and its been proven time and again that cold intake charge increases HP, but higher engine temps 160-205 make more HP and reduce wear. Why else would the high HP shops finish hone an engine with hot water running through the block with torque plates? Have you torque plated heads before a valve job? When assembling an engine and checking clearances you normally shoot for around 75 deg shop temp so clearances will match the mfg's standards so that when you bring the engine up to "temp" all critical dimensions are correct.When a track was hooking good we shut off the water pump during the burnout and staging to bring temp up then turn on just before launch,when slippery leave around 160 deg, yes it worked. I have my ways,rexone has his, ray has his, and you have yours,that is why there is also Ford,GM,and Mopar.

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