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Thread: Never Gonna Live This Down.

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    Can you imagine what this guy's going to have to put up with at the station?
    Police officer attacked by Chihuahuas
    Associated Press
    Dec. 31, 2005 12:00 AM
    FREMONT, Calif. - A pack of angry Chihuahuas attacked a police officer who was escorting a teenager home after a traffic stop, authorities said.
    The officer suffered minor injuries, including dog bites to his ankle, police said.
    The five Chihuahuas escaped the 17-year-old boy's home and rushed the officer in the doorway on Thursday, authorities said. The teenager had been detained after the traffic incident.
    The officer was treated at a hospital and returned to work less than two hours later.

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    "A pack of angry Chihuahuas "...He will never live that down,, guess he is lucky it wasnt a larger breed of dogs,, sounds like he had trouble defending himself......

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    Maybe the acadmy should revise there training

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    NorCal Gameshow

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    Maybe the acadmy should revise there training
    What "how to kick a small dog"

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    What "how to kick a small dog"
    Same here, 5 shit-dogs?
    That's only two to three kicks. Flying dogs everywhere.
    He should have at least 18 rounds and a spare clip, making 36 rounds.
    I feel SO much safer with cops like that on the beat.
    Pretty damn funny.

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    I am sure we have all been in our own kind of funny/embarrassing shit in our line of work, but that is fuuunnyyy!

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    He was probably afraid some PETA idot was nearby with a video camera just waiting to catch the POLICE BRUTALITY!!!!! :220v:

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    You have to be very carefull. When they smell donuts, they attack. :rollside:

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    Desert Rat
    I have found that the little shit dogs are the ones to worry about. Friggin ankle bitters! Should have shot the little pieces of bait! Of course if the cop has the aim of some of our LA Co Sheriffs it would take him about 500+ rounds

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