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Thread: Which towable for Christmas?

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    Gonna get my daughter a towable tube for Christmas. I want her to be able to ride alone, or take friends so I'm thinking a three person tube should do it.
    What's all y'alls input as far as which towable to go with?
    Thanks in advance

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    How old is you girl?

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    How old is you girl?
    Pervert :crossx:
    J/K - She'll be ten in April.

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    LOL!!! Not funny, but I'm not allowed to threaten you. :skull: LOL
    They say these are the best for kids:
    But ten is getting up there, and I'm sure one of these would work:
    That's simular to what I have and use most. I've had three small kids on it....briefly....and they will require years of counseling before they will get on it again....but it was safe .... REALLY!!!!

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    Thanks. I'll check on those.

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    if you use them, let them know you heard about them from the LBBA

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    if you use them, let them know you heard about them from the LBBA
    I'm checking out that site right now.

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    Tom Brown
    I'd get a huge, round deck tube, as per RTJas. She can fly it, when she gets another year or two older.
    ... or you can fly it, when you're not pleased with her behavior.
    Flying tubes rock.
    Even if you don't want a flyer, I'd still get a round deck tube. Just my opinion.

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    My sister bought this one last year, the younger kids enjoyed it and it was easy to for them to ride.

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