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Thread: Weather report from CFW

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    Mrs P
    It's 3:40 Saturday, Fleetimus just called with the conditions at CFW. He said the sun is out (temps is the mid 50s), not raining, the water is calm and there's plenty of it at the ramp.

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    1978 Rogers
    Where is the location for the June CFW? I'd like to make a trip down to one of these events. Where abouts on Lake Shasta is it?

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    CFW isn't on Shasta. It's maybe 30 miles north of Sacramento, a few miles off Highway 65. Punch Wheatland, Ca. into Yahoo maps and you'll see it to the east of Wheatland.

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    1978 Rogers
    Sorry, this is what I was looking at Future Events on LBBA.
    Father's Day - Camp Far West
    6/23-26 - Shasta
    So was this from 2005. Which of the events that is furthest North?

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    I think I updated the calendar but I better double check.
    The Camp Far West deal is on Father's Day which is an anuual get together. It's not a LBBA deal and I doubt anyone really puts it on, it's just been happening for quite a few years. Lots and lots of really nice boats!
    Shasta is June 23-26 this coming year. You can find all the info about it here
    Shasta - June 23-26, 2006 (***boatsfrm52) It would be great to meet up with some more of our northern jetters!

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    1978 Rogers
    Thank you, exactly what I needed. I'd love to come down to this. Now I have to check to see whats happening that weekend.

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    If you can make it, get in contact with Mr Squirt or AaronE via the LBBA message board so you guys can hook up to caravan down. Mr Squirt is in Portland and AaronE is in Everett, WA. We're not sure Aaron will make it as his job has changed quite a bit.....lots of traveling.
    There's a couple of others from WA that are thinking about making the trip also.

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    oh yea, once you boat on Shasta, you'll want to come down at least once a year. It's well worth the trip

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    1978 Rogers
    I mapquested it from my house. 8 hours doesn't seem bad. Now I just have to convince my other half.

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    Dang! I'd like to come down for this, but it's one of my oldest buddies B-day on the 24th. I dissed him last year for Moses Lake and don't want to do it to him two years in a row.

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