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Thread: Big Block Chevy for sale

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    I have a BBC on a stand in my front shop. The owner has desided to sell it. All I know about it at this time is:
    It's a 4 bolt main low deck block. Either .030 or .060 over.
    Steel crank and I THINK 7/16 rods.
    High compression..probably around 12.5 to 1.
    Open chamber 990 heads. Not sure of any work done.
    Roller rockers, roller cam.
    It's been balanced.
    Tunnel ram and 2 660 Holleys, fuel lines, etc.
    Complete motor less oil pan and ignition.
    This motor ran 100 mph in my flat (heavy tr-1) in Red Bluff California about 4 years ago. It was supposed to be fresh then and it only ran about 4 runs in my flat after that. Since then it has sat on a stand.
    The motor will have to come apart and be inspected, see what it really is and anything corrected that needs it. Which will be taken care of.
    The price is $5K. I didn't set the price, he did. Any machine work or repairs needed I will do for free and any parts needed he will buy. So bottom line is $5K. You're welcome to be here through entire process of inspection/rebuilding or whatever it needs.
    If this is someone's cup of me.

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    2500 and its sold.

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