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Thread: Happy New Year

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    Happy New Year Everybody!

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    Happy New!!!

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    Miss Managed Assets
    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone has a fun, safe new year.

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    Here's to the end of one $hitty year....:notam:
    but looking forward to an AWESOME 2006!!!!
    Wishing you & yours a very happy & prosporus New Year!!!!

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    Mohave Vice
    Thanks RK and the best to you and yours in 2006!!

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    Thanks RK and the best to you and yours in 2006!!
    Awwww Shucks!!!
    Ya'll know how much I love & miss you!!!

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    Squirtin Thunder
    I don't even get any calls anymore.

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    Forkin' Crazy
    It's here! Happy New Year!!!
    Be safe!!!

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    I don't even get any calls anymore.
    I think that goes along with depression (hibernation)
    ....but like I said before, "This next year has GOT TO BE A BETTER YEAR than this last one"!!!

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