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Thread: Glassing in A new Jet

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    Glencoe MiniDay
    Anyone have any info on Glassing in a New jet??

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    Squirtin Thunder
    Anyone have any info on Glassing in a New jet??
    A bit more info like what kind it is.

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    What are you doing? generally there is no fiberglass used when installing a pump...except for the boat itself of course.

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    Glencoe MiniDay
    Brand new Dominator MB12S out of the box

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    Glencoe MiniDay
    Deceided to Replace the old Jacuzzi pump Due to availability of parts and cost

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    where'd you buy it. didn't they provide you with instruction.

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    Glencoe MiniDay
    I bought it from California Marine And there is Instructions For a virgin hull Install.
    I Had taken the old jacuzzi Out and Have to fill A little Here and There to close the gap if you know what I am Talking about

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    I currently have a jaccuzzi
    ben looking at berkeley's
    would love to hear the right way to do it!
    i've been thinking about grinding down the glass around the (too large)hole--not sure how far.then maybe filling the hole partially with wood(not sure what kind yet)then glassing it up smooth-installing new intake.
    I too would love to hear from someone who has done this!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Glencoe MiniDay
    I started to install the intake depending on what angle of transom you have the distance of spacing from the transom changes. So I figured the angle made the mark for the spacing and then got out the sawzall and lengthened the opening.
    Now I am curious as to which Type of fillers I should use. Should I glass resin a piece of plywood in or should I actually use some glass cloth? :idea:

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    Feb 2009
    Northern Illinois
    This was my Sleekcraft Executive after installing an American Turbine SD-309
    pump, replacing a Berkeley 12JG. The 12 deg.transom was modified to acept the 8 deg. transom flange of the SD-309, and the area foreward of the pump was filled in because of the setbeck style pump.
    Here is jetback pump project under way currently.

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