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Thread: Wastegates

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    In my neverending quest to find better parts and better pricing I ran across what appears to be the same 60mm wastegate on two different sites.
    Here's one from
    at $ 910.00
    Here's one from
    for $ 325.00
    I like the V band clamp attachment that they both come with.
    Has anyone used either of these units before ?
    The price on the SSautochrome unit is reasonable at $ 325 but maybe you don't get the warm fuzzy feeling like with the HKS unit for $ 910 because the HKS unit has their monogram on the side ?
    I wish there was some consistency in HP parts pricing.

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    Just my .02
    First are they IDENTICAL parts, or is one a knock off? You say one has an HKS monogram, and one does not.
    Some manufactures would rather not sell to the public, hence the jacked up price.
    Bascially it is, "You want to buy it from us? Fine. Here is what you are going to pay."
    They make the sale either way. They would rather the dealer make it.

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    325 seems too cheap to me.
    Several parts there for a small amount of money.

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    The only way to know for sure is to disass and check it out and or run it. Might be exactly the same.
    On another board I visit there were some complaints about the turbos they sell (usually through ebay) that supposedly are "glued" together. Never seen it 1st hand so......?

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    sanger rat

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    I found the same ssautochrome wastegate on ebay for $ 300.
    I've used several different brands before and really didn't have any significant problems with any of them. The diaphragms need to be replaced occasionally but other than that they're not too complicated of a piece.
    I agree that the only way to be sure is to get one and dissassemble it. I'd sure give that a try before dumping three times the price on the HKS unit that looks exactly the same to me.

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    Not sure on performance parts but this company has been dealing on ebay for a long time. There good about the returns but the quality is at best "good enough"
    For something a little flashy and good enough in the looks department i say go for it.. for putting it to actual use I don't think i'd buy from them.

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    The HKS is a quality unit, the very same wastegate that I have on my car. The SS Auto Chrome stuff is just JUNK period, do a search on the internet about SS Auto Chrome and you will find many unsatisfied customers. I have installed some of their stuff on Hondas for customers with the disclaimer that it may or may not work and if it does then it won't for long. Several of their turbos have had the compressor covers fall apart, literally crack in half.
    I am direct with HKS and I have to say that their stuff is good stuff. If a less than 1000hp application then the Tial stuff is also very good. Most of the very fast Domestic cars 1000+ even the 2500+ hp cars use the HKS wastegates. The one pictured is a HKS GT2 and comes with all of the springs to change boost, four springs to be exact.
    Remember guys you are trying to control boost. Would you trust your $10,000+ engine to a cheap knock off part... I wouldn't. Their Tial knock off stuff is far from the same quality as the real stuff. I have seen some of their gates stick and over boost the engine. Can you say blow up your engine?

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    The SS Auto Chrome stuff is just JUNK period, do a search on the internet about SS Auto Chrome and you will find many unsatisfied customers.
    I did search and found mostly negative remarks about SSautochrome.
    Some of the remarks made no sense and some do.
    One was kind of interesting from the forum from dec 04,
    "I would go with a generic (SSautochrome) wastegate. The quality of the parts and the machining is an exact copy of the authentic wastegate. I know this becuase I tore 2 down right next to each other and measured everything. I would take it appart when you get it though so you can red loctite everything. You can even get replacement diaphrams for less $18 shipped from them if you want where as Tial wants you to send back the whole thing for hundreds."
    Still compiling info...........

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    I have 2 of the HKS GT2's going on my motor.I ran HKS waste gates on my very first turbo motor so thats why I went with the GT2's for the new motor.Never had a problem with them,and I put many hard miles on that motor.

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