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Thread: what can you tell me about a velocity?

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    What can you tell me about a Velocity? I've noticed some of the older ones were known as Regal Velocity. Did Steve Stepp have anything to do with those? Do they have the same hulls as the newer ones? any pros and cons between the newer ones (90's and up) and the ones from the mid to upper 80's models? thanks for any info.

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    Not exactly clear on the history of them, but I suggest you go to OSO or Speedwake and post the same question. You will get a better response.

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    I believe Steve licensed the Velocity name and some bottom designs to Regal for some years similar to Larry Smith licensing the Scarab name to Wellcraft. At some point Steve also built boats under a new company called Thoroughbred. It appears that he's regained the rights to the name Velocity so no more Thoroughbred name. These are non-step bottom which run very well. He uses a pad bottom which provides alot of lift.

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    Regal bought the Velocity name and molds and Steve worked for Regal from 86-89. The bottoms are the same, Regal added a taller deck to the 22' and called it 23', after 89 Regal made some slight changes to the hull and went light on the glass work. The boats are fast compared to others with the same HP and size. I have a 23' that would run 68mph with a stock 454/330hp motor with 400 hours. It now has a 540/650hp motor and the fastest I have taken it was 84mph on gps. The older 23' is measured without the swim platform and is now the 26' Velocity model.

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    what can you tell me about a velocity

    I know some of you guys have gopros do figured this would be a good place to ask. Iv got an opertunity to get a gopro hero 4 black. I can get it thru the reward store at my job for free. What can you guys tell me about them? Would it be worth getting ?

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