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Thread: rolling the snow ball

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    i felt this is the time to air out the laundry so here it goes
    1.everyone at anna pulled together and made it a great time i did have fun,but since i couldnt make it down on friday and saturday a lot of stones were left unturned anyone who rode around the lake on saturday instead of sitting in the cove all day noticed there was a lot more than 40-45 jets on the lake that day,from what i hear every place you went there was little pockets of boats,when a cove was decided on someone should have gone to the different ramps and let the ramp managers know so that the sheep knew were to go
    2.i post lmao on the what date post because this is how it started last year ,sitting behind your keyboard and saying wow what if is one thing getting off you **s and doing it is another,i took it from this point last year and kept rolling this snow ball around in my yard till it got bigger ,when i ran out of snow in my yard bobs who could make it due to health problems posted the info on banderlog and went on the road with me to meet people and push this farther.Then came jason at rivertoys he shoveled all the nieghbors driveways and gave me more snow [thanks jason]the snow ball got was walt sr from the deleware drag boat club more snow to add to the ball,i rolled and rolled this snow ball and got everyone there due to work i had to drop the ball off at anna and it melted rapidly i will nail down my beliefs and personal thoughts ,hotrod -you had great ideas at the barbq and before but vanished for 6+ months then reappeared 1 month before anna ,i like you and your ideas to make this event better,but you have to learn to either shit or get off the pot-fatrat,what can i say this is the only other person other than bobs that really contributed he put together some very nice shirts and has been like a father figure looking over all this and letting me blow my ideas by him but i still apid $17. for each shirt that was supposed to have added to the sleeve ,they didnt you said you owed me money back on the shirts but also said you where still gonna sell the shirts at anna for $17.00 each i still have shirts and no money from you also the ***boat article is my deal i ahve all the info on where to send the info i wanted your wife to do the whrite up because i knew she could do a good job but from the e-mail the other night i see you just want to hog that up to
    dimarco kid -what can i say you came up with the thought that i rolled into this big snow ball but had no real involvement in makeing this real i spoke with you alot about this and my thought of makeing it bigger and you were all for that till after anna if anyone turned face its you and thats what hurts me the most .i really thought of you as a brother i could depend on,thanks
    for all those who came and made this a good event and who put in their input during the birthing stage thank you very much,my arms arent tired yet but i need to go out in the yard and push this snow ball somemore

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    Hey nitro...I belive that your first sectence say's it best.....
    "everyone at anna pulled together and made it a great time "
    I think it should be left at that...every face I saw had a rather BIG smile on it.
    I could say more...but I feel it's best to leave it at that!

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    fat rat
    I think it's time to saddle up.

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    No hard feelings here. I just wanted to help you guys have a great event. I'll have the photos you sent organized and up on my site early next week.
    Sounds like it just wasn't everything you imagined and such is life. The next will be better. There were a couple issues in what you said but it's to be expected in a situation like this. Trust me, I know from my involvement with a little group over on this coast that organizing these things will either confirm a friendship or break it - sometimes both! http://free.***
    You've said your peace, let it go and build your own event just like you've always pictured it!
    RTJas http://free.***

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    Dimarco Kid
    Hey, great everyone has got their opinion on things, hey I do. My feeling about Anna is that it was great, you were already planning to go big with it before it happened, which is great! BUT, seeing how it turned out great the way it was, why **** with it? If you want to spend all your free time on it, go ahead, NO ONE WILL OR HAS MADE YOU DO ANYTHING! You did a great job at this, and I would be a little sympathetic if we had all asked you to do it. I never asked anything. I went with the flow,
    You should watch your comments too, your the first one to post negative on here. You obviously got bent out of shape over me being happy with what it is, and you have some issues with other guys too. Man, you gave up two days later! If I valued my time as much as you say you did, I sure as hell wouldn't have pushed it off as quickly as you did. You did do a great job, like I said, but you did it on your own.
    And I won't consider ANYONE a brother that doesn't value my opinion! I talked with you alot, you made plans for Anna before it was even done. Yeh, they're great ideas, and why wouldn't I listen and agree to great ideas. I also thought Anna was great the way it was, I decided that if it went any bigger you'd have to have a commitee set up, and then you get into the whole "I do more work than the next guy" thing, sound familiar?
    You can count me out on anything from here on in, anyone who makes a statement about "brotherhood" and "thought I could count on you" comment because of some piss ant date and difference of opinions ain't no brother of mine. Sorry I disappointed you. My opinion still stands, and I'm happy with it. The way you carry on about us, kinda sounds like we're trying to shut it down!
    Everyone had a blast from what I hear, the one person that's got bent out of shape, thinks we should change things "improve" it, what's up with that? We're all grown adults, let's act like it.
    Maybe you should do your own thing, I know it would be alot easier for you. I like the group we got, but like I said, everyone has got their own opinions, so good luck.
    D Kid
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    fat rat
    AMEN, Brother. My wife and I just sat down here together to read some post and we had a great time laughing, I hope with the stevens about being trapped, WWTLBC (We Want To Laugh But Can't) because shortly after that we read this post. Nittro I'm sorry the event did not meet your expectations we all did what we could to make things right. Granted we are not from the West Coast where things like this happen on a regular basis, but we tried very little and quess what it came to together so "Naturally" that every detail was covered by "someone" it was like heaven sent us an "Angel". Nobody was stressed about anything and "Everyone was having a time of there life". I met so many people that weekend that had common goals and liked the same things as myself, I felt like I was in "Heaven". I've never met so many "HAPPY" people at one time in my life. Dude I'm sorry you did not have a good time. LATER

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    If we could agree...lets not further post any negative comments about this topic. Everyone's opinion is important but with the way its going I think its best to save it for private E-Mail's. The LAST thing is to turn this into some type of verbal sooooo many of the other post here on H.B. are.
    The bottom line here is were ALL friends that had a great time and thats a fact!!!...lets leave it that way...and we'll leave all the BABY BULL SHIT to the other group of boaters that seem to thrive on that type of crap. I would hope were above that nonsence.

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    Wet Dream
    So far as I can see, the negative comments have all been coming from one place. In my opinion, I think Nitro is getting bent because he didn't get the recognition that he wants. Most of that is due to the fact that you just weren't there. Stated earlier, you came in at night, left in the morning and returned at night again. I know an employee left you short handed, but this has been planned, you told your employer, and I know that your place of business could manage to have someone cover for you for a day or two. Had you been there the whole time, you would have heard the "great weekend" and "you pulled it off" and "I am having a blast" comments.
    Hammer, had that video in his hand 90% of the day.
    Rat, concerned about his engine kept himself together even with people hounding him about the damn T's.
    Dimarco, didn't piss about anything and was more than willing to help EVERYONE at the boat launch. He would stand in that water with one boat on each arm and still smile.
    HotRod did what he could and his personal life should take precedent over this.
    Rest of us, you think we weren't involved just because we weren't right by your side and didn't run everything through you first. There wan't anything to run thru.
    What stones were left unturned? How many times did you visit the marina that had the Cam2 that YOU arranged to have there? Can't drive there? How many things did WE miss?Thats right... NOTHING!
    Who's ass were we supposed to kiss?
    Most of the reason it went so well is because THERE WASN'T ANYTHING TO EXPECT!!!! Nothing more than a gathering of jetboats and other high performance boats. Thats is all I had expected. We didn't have a poker run that went to shit with people that would rather be boating compared to standing on shore with cards, or races to coordinate. People could ski, tube, go eat, rest, talk, **** in the boat if they wanted to, without someone telling them where they needed to be and at what time.
    Word about this was all over that lake, everyone knew where we were staying, a phone call could have solved the "where is everyone" issue if they really wanted to know. Most of the people were where they wanted to be. Finding us wasn't an issue. People came and went from the cove as they saw fit.
    I did cruise the lake on Saturday, up to the far sandbar. Yes, there were pockets of boats, but not lost jetters. They would have chased us down if that were the case. We ran the lake, and passed other hot boaters and waved. The hydros probably didn't have enough fuel to travel that far. Why would they go? The big boys couldn't get near the sandbar. So the cove was where it was at and a shit load of people knew it. Did I miss a post from someone saying they were at Anna but couldn't find the action?? Please point me in the right direction if I did. Hell, even the locals without boats came down to the hotel to check out the boats. It was like a boat show.
    The BBQ/ Potluck idea went south due to lack of interest. Not a prob, we had to cook for ourselves. I cooked damn it!!!
    Nitro arranged a "warm side" gathering on Monday for a few people with an invite from Kojak if I remember correctly. HMMMM, Mike is pulling out at 9am. Guess that went to shit too. But he showed up wondering where everyone is, after he took the day off. Where is his thanks??
    Everybody got along and had a great time. Not one fight, bad blood, wreck, major damage or anything of the kind.
    It was a full and complete success and I know it will go just as smoothly next year.
    I know I'll be there again, with the rest of my faithful brothers. http://free.***
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    Damm nitro who pissed in your corn flakes.
    Frankly I don't know what you did to help this event and I don't care. To my knowledge know one asked you to do whatever you did. You did it because you wanted to just like the rest of the founding brothers.
    I'm sorry my life and my work got in the way of me helping more than I did. I posted why I drooped off the forum, I wish I didn't have to but I have a life and it got a little crazy for me right after the BBQ. If you think that was a bunch of bull then you tell me why I didn't have my boat ready in time!
    You don't know what I did to help the event because I'm not out there tootin my own horn and patting myself on the back. But I will tell you that I did a lot more than you know and I think I did everything that I was asked to do.
    If you look back at the post you will see that I was one of the first people to try to find other fellow east coast jetters, with hopes to bring them together somehow. I was glad to find that there were others out there some of which wanted to see the same thing as I.
    We all got together and decided on a time and place and then put the word out. Basically we said "Hey were having a jet and V-drive get together and if you want to come please do, the more the merrier" A little over simplified but that's all that really needed to be done.
    This event was supposed to be a big party, just lots of people with the same interest hangin out and having a good time and from what I saw that's what happened.
    Can we improve on what we started, YES you can always do better and we will. I don't know what your expectations were or what you wanted to happen, but I will tell you that this event was a lot of fun for a lot of people and it defiantly exceeded my expectations.
    Yea, we can tweak a few things here and there but for a first try I would say it turned out DAM good.
    For me the only thing that could have made it better would have been Having my honey and my boat there.
    I don't know what your looking for I hope you find it.
    Anybody else that reads this, if you came this year thank you for attending and don't let this discourage you from coming next year it WILL only get better from here.

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    Mrs. 66 Stevens
    Well if you take this to a new level you will take on alot more responsibilities. You see when you become a group you become a entity who can be sued when someone gets injured.
    Trust me it happens. I was involved in a snowmobile club that got sued because a drunk ran through a fence and was killed.
    The rotten lawyer wanted to sue each member. In the end the insurance company settled out of court.
    The more organized the more problems it will bring.
    Lets just have FUN!!!!

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