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Thread: K.B. Pistons ?

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    What do ya think about them in a none blower motor?...good, bad?...junk.

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    if the man was still alive you can bet it would be a good product but since he isnt its not go with a really good piston like ross or childs & albert

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    which type, I used the hyperutetic in a car I had and they were fine I wouldnt want to use the in a motor with a blower spend the money and get lighter forged

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    Which type...K.B.'s....

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    hammer, I used them KB hyperwhatever pistons in my turbo ford sleekcraft. after 2 trips started knocking plug gaps closed. took it apart found top corners of piston brokeoff. 2 different pistons. herd from local jet engine builder that I set wrong end gap. so I went to KB web site under tec. bulliten there is a picture of a piston exact. like mine. ring end gap is very critical on these things. according to bulliten. I set mine at .020 but was suppose to be .038. once they butt together heat up and break off top land. so follow chart they give you. machine didin't give me mine. heard they are not any stronger than cast. they just retain there shape once hot.

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    Turbo,thank's for the reply...I've used the K.B. in a Harley...Bad Experince. Nothing like what you went through,I'am aware of the upper ring gaps.I may be building a 572 motor this winter,just looking for some feedback about the KB's for marine use.I'll probably end up using J E's.

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