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Thread: for you Rogers fans

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    wish he would have kept the original paint job. cool site with some good videos of Wally Albrights old "duel in the sun" boat

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    Doesnt look like i have too many fans....... :cry: :cry: :cry:

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    Its good to see pictures of Wally,s Rogers flatbottom jet again.I raced against it several times in 1978/1979 in the Real NDBA. Ron

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    This is a quote from a thread a long time ago (I do not remember which board it was from).
    Duel in the Sun
    A fellow looking like a homeless person came in the MPD shop one evening and asked "if we installed engines in jet boats". I told him "yes" and he then asked "if we would install the engine in his jet boat". I said "sure", thinking to myself that it was all a joke. He then left.
    Several weeks later the same fellow showed up driving a nice shiny pickup with an injected aluminum KB hemi sitting in the bed and a brand new red & white Rogers Drag Star hitched on behind. He said "this is the engine that I'd like you to install in that jet boat". I almost fell over!
    We built the rails and engine mounts, and installed the engine. During that era we also built some of the cav plate hardware used on the Drag Stars, but that stuff was usually installed in Roger's shop. I don't remember for sure if we did any of the other rigging on that boat, but I'm thinking that we may have done the pedals/plate controls because I bothered to take a pic of those. After Wally's boat left MPD, I never saw it again, but heard thru the grapevine about him setting the CompJet record.
    I am thrilled to see old race boats like this being preserved and, hopefully, kept in top condition.

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    1978 Rogers
    Thanks Cyclone. I love reading stuff like this. Especially in the winter when I'm not our on the water.

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    Kindsvater Flat
    wish he would have kept the original paint job. cool site with some good videos of Wally Albrights old "duel in the sun" boat
    In one of the issues of Hot Boat there was a boat in the back that belonged to Alan Nannan titled "You Got Tail". In one of the pictures you can see Kunze's boat in the back ground so I'm sure you will be doing an upcoming article since I know for a fact that pictures were taken. I have seen them first hand.
    This is the "You Got Tail" boat that I took pics of a few years ago. These are guys that live about 20 minutes from me.
    Oh and these guys eat well and play hard at the river.

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    Thanks for posting!!
    I totally dig the old race boat resto stuff.
    MY 77 Mantra is a splash on an old Rogers. Same deck, not sure if the bottom is the same.

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    That Rogers was at pheonix. It was either racing 10 or 11 seconds

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    Kindsvater Flat
    Here is a video from last winter.
    Kunze at CFW (

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    bitchin boat just curious read a lot about rogers boats but never any thing about a drag star so what deck and bottom are on the drag star. and maybe some history on them thanks adam

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