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Thread: Changing thrust bearing B1007 to B1107 HP bearing..What's involved?

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    I have a Dominator pump that has the standard B1007 thrust bearing. What I would like to know is if it would be beneficial to switch to the B1107 HP bearing and if so is it a simple swap or will I need to modify something?

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    The bearing numbers I posted are American Turbine part numbers for a Dominator 12-S pump.

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    Bumpity bump...Anybody?????????

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    502 JET
    I spoke with Don at DPS last week and asked about running the HP bearing kit from American turbine.He said not to wast my money that 2500hp boats running the standard bearing.He also suggested running a light weight white lithium grease in the bearing and to grease it regularly and dont worry about it.The high HP boats are running gear oil in the thrust bearing with a ratchet on the pump.Give Don a call and ask him about the bearing and see what he says.I was willing to spend money and dont think he was trying to steer me wrong by telling me not to run it he was the one loosing out on the sale.I also searched and read many posts about thrust bearings and only seen a few guys running the Hp bearing that is why you are not getting any feedback I suppose.

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    I appreciate that very much 502.

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    American Turbine Man
    Here's what I know. We introduced the HP bearing in the Dominators in 1998 and our thrust bearing warranties were reduced by 90%. The bearing cost us 2-1/2 times more than the standard bearing. So why would we use it if we didn't think it was needed. The HP bearing will take 35% more load. All the marathon boats run the HP bearing, if they don't they must change the standard bearing every race. If you make three or four 10 second blast every weekend you will probably be alright. However, if you run a 20 foot or larger craft and you do a lot of running above 3500 RPM's you'd be better off with the HP bearing. I know this sounds dumb, I can explain it better to you over the phone. 1(800) 622 JETS Ron

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    Thank you American Turbine Man. So, is it a simple swap out deal or do I have to modify the pump in some way to run it?

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    American Turbine Man
    It's a bolt in kit.

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    I think I will give you a call and order one Monday. It may not be necessary but it seems like a good idea to me. Hell everything else we do to these boats is overkill isn't it?

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