Calling all v-drives! Come and get it while we've got it! No telling how long our water will last this season.
Some of the local members of the Classic V-Drive Club Of America will be up at Millerton Lake this Saturday morning to celebrate the beginning of our boating season.
Hook em up and come join us. I think some folks will show up about 10am. I will try to get there closer to 9.
Ya, the lake is low but there is enough water to play in. I will be using Ramp 5 because there is plenty of parking right there on the ramp. I plan to check out the work I've done since last season, check out the lake and hang out with those that show up for a few hours till it gets too rough.

Look for the maroon chevy pulling the black/silver 67 Belmont. Come on over and introduce yourself.

If I remember, the launch fees are $17 for the boat/tow vehicle and they were manning the post last Saturday.

Any questions, post up or pm me.