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Thread: I need some help new to this site

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    I need some help new to this site

    I wanna buy this 21 foot jet drive boat it has a 455 in it but there are some things that are wrong with it the owner doesn't really know he thinks it's the cam or the lifters but he says that it runs kinda rough and that it doesn't put out as much power as it should he says it takes a little bit to hit 45 to 50 mph I have never owned a jet boat before the guy is asking 1500 for it the carborator has been replace same with the freez plugs and spark plugs and wires and cap but he says it still hesitates a little bit to get up to speed

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    Hello hawkin, let us know your budget for purchasing this type of boat?Many companies are making different types of boast according to the demand of the customers.This papersowl will let the people know about the quality of th boat they want to have for their own.

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