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Thread: The Delta Is Closed

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    Just watching the news, and because of the storms that we are having, there is worry about the delta levees. Who ever is in charge of the Delta feels that there will be less stress on the levees with no boat wakes.
    I don't make this shit up, I just report it.

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    Boy Named Sue
    If you're out in a boat today on the delta, you gonna sink! The water is no place to be today.

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    Cat Skinner
    What a bunch of land lovers!!!!! Check out my kid today at the Frozen Bun Run out on Bethel Island. More guts than a slaughter house.
    She is one tough customer. It was about 50 degrees, water was about the same and a 25mph breeze :220v:

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    Boy Named Sue
    Damn Cat I forgot about the Frozen Bun Run. A guy I work with is on the rescue team. I'll keep my thoughts about your daughter to myself!
    There was a nice window of weather this morning but that is long gone.....

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    Boy Named Sue
    Gotta love the shot of her peeling past the 5 mph No Wake buoy!

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    We just got home from the lake, what a day!

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    Cat Skinner
    Gotta love the shot of her peeling past the 5 mph No Wake buoy!
    Frank's Tract looked like the fricken ocean today. Pretty big turnout at the Porthole today.

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    Saw the Delta Closed notice on the marina gate in Sacramento where we keep our old houseboat. It's closed till Jan 3 for recreational boating all the way from the Delta to Sacramento. Stayed overnight on the boat New Years eve while tied to the dock. The debris that was bumping and scraping the hull in the current under the boat all night didn't help to get a good nights sleep that's for sure. Water level in the river has come up about 23 feet since before storms started. The resturant (harbor masters office/etc) at the marina sank right before the storms and was sitting in the mud with the top 3 stories above water level then the river went up, here is a few pictures.
    Before it sank
    Another angle
    Parking garage

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    anyone know the dates of the LA boat show this year???

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    Jan 28 till Feb5

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