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Thread: Sub info

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    Are there sub's (free air?)that you mount in the bulkhead of the boat without a box? If so are they any good?

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    Yes, and it depends on how you like your music.... Generally soft( sloppy sounding, kinda) when compared to an enclosed subwoofer.
    Kicker solo's are generally pretty stiff, and JL also has a IB (infinite baffle) marine subwoofer... If your amp has a subsomic filter, use it!

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Can you just build a box and bolt it to the bulkhead?

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    Can you just build a box and bolt it to the bulkhead?
    better yet he could go square and get a smaller box and better sound! :argue:

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    Havasu Hangin'
    ...and build boxes that bolt in from behind, using the same mounting location.
    Sounds like a great idea!

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    Thanks. It sounds like a box is a better idea.

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    Trying to keep most of the weight aft. Do subs sound good in the engine compartment? Do they need to be exposed for best sound?

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    No.... unless you have them vented or ported up to the cockpit... That's another equation all together

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    I'd shy away from locating subs in the engine bay. To much heat, potential for water, etc there. And the sound wouldn't get out into the cabin in a sealed sub enclosure.

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