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Thread: Texas/Oklahoma Wildfires

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    anyone in the Central forum being affected or threatened by these fires ??
    lubbock, dallas, guthrie , ok city ?
    we could use some the the west coast rain. looks really critical for the next few weeks.
    we did not get the rain in 05 that is normally associated with the hurricane season ! very dry and all te lake levels are way down !
    praying for you & your homes safety !

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    Looks like no rain in sight for them and fairly high winds...bad combo!

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    30-35 knot winds, visability is marginal at best, just got back from McAlister fires are widespread, wind just changed direction to the west from the south, its an amazing sight from the air, you dont want to live in Muskogee County right about now.............Vic

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    Cant see anything but can smell fires.

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    There is a large one TFD is on over by Tulsa winch, the main body is a pretty good way south of you on the other side of Coweta....Vic

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    Shark In The Pond
    Nothing here with the fires but the wind and dirt was hell today ,steady 40 to 60 mph wind ! I could not say if the sun was out today nothing but brown !

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    60 mph winds. Yesterday the sky was grey with smoke and we could smell it in the air despite being miles away.

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    Looks pretty good tonight, sky is clear saw a little smoke but no major fires yet, the hose draggers are busting their asses west, and best of all, the toothless hillbillies interviewed on CNN concerning the fires were all from Texas.......

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    No smoke here at Tahlequah but it prob. wont be long. Just one spark or cig. and its on, its so dry I have never seen it this dry before.

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    Gary I have spent the last 5 days moving boats, cars, race gas, and anything that will burn from my shop and house. Hoping I did it for no reason but it is so dry that if it start's it could take it all. Need rain. j.j.

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