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Thread: Sure seems quiet today

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    After 2 ***boat parties (that I know of) I was expecting pics already. Maybe some people had too much fun? I know I wasn't feeling quite myself this morning, but we just stayed home and pretty much anhilated a bottle of stoli.

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    What, no Boones Farm??? I guess that was last years drink....
    How is my puppy doing?

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    Boone's Farm is for summer time. Which pup is yours? 3 are sold already.

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    Miss Managed Assets
    Happy New year peeps!! Hey Roger Miss ya, get a puppy dude their to cute to resist! Nice seein you guys Angie. Everyone must be on vacation so it's a bit quiet in here this weekend.

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    Okay Ang, how much, are they all chocolate, or are some black? Male / Female? Give me the scoop. You have both parents, or just the mom?

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    Miss Managed Assets
    Rogers gettin a puppy!!!!!!! :rollside:

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    Feb 2009
    Come on Roger everyone is doing it!!!

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    Mrs78 that is a nice sig.

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    Miss Managed Assets
    Thanks! Happy New Year!! :smile:
    (Only 43 hours left till Rosebowl Kick off)

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    Thanks! Happy New Year!! :smile:
    (Only 43 hours left till Rosebowl Kick off)
    Same to you.
    USC is going to kick some more ass.

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