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Thread: Quanell X Blast Houston Fire Fighters

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    Old Texan
    In a typical racial attack, Quanell X blames Houston FD for death of children in an apartment fire. Brave men risking their lives are slandered by this gutless troublemaker.
    I can't understand how QX can continuously use accidents and tradgedies to spew his hate to incite ignorant people. It's no wonder why racial tensions continue when we hear him blame the "system" for anything and all that happens.
    And it is said the Klan is the racial divider in America. I certainly don't condone anything remotely connected to the KKK philosophy, but I can't understand how society doesn't step up and blast QX for the horrible parasite he is.

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    Steve 1
    "Nation of Islam Minister Robert Muhammad described the conduct of some firefighters at the scene as "cavalier," and that they were seen laughing"
    Wow consider the source on this!

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    There isn't a SINGLE racial divider as a mouthpiece for the Nation Of Islam.
    No, not 1, about 20. The black Klan. The same rhetorical BS, the opposite direction. :220v:
    The crap really burns me ......

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