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Thread: Dinosaur Debbies "Nitch" or cottage biz makes bank, You know of any other cool ones?

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    Flying Tiger
    I bought some battery operated toys from Dinosaur Debbie. For years she's made a good living selling them outta the back of her mini van.
    You know the ones: the mechanical bartender that blows bubbles outta his ass, the battery operated Santa that drops his pants, ect ect.
    My daughter had a plan check biz that made her some big bank. Quit it because of school and her social life.
    She can read electrical and mechanic prints superbly,, and for a fee, would go stand in line, pull technical permits for guys like Hells Angel Steve and others who had complicated elevator electrical control & mechanical plans ect.
    She easily could converse with the plan inspectors,, and could guide them through the prints and theory.
    I thinks it's amazing what people can firgure out to make some big bank.
    Gotta be some cool stories out there.
    Ya know of any "nitch" businesses"?

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    NorCal Gameshow

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    so....why the pic....????? Does her backside have anything to do with her being able to read blueprints...?? :rollside: (serious question)

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    Now we're complaining about ass shots on HB?
    No....I love the pic...I was just asking a question pertaining to the topic....The pic sure does spruce up the thread though... :crossx:

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