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Thread: New 77 OMEGA Pics

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    Here are the pics I took when I got it home

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    nice looking boat, gonna stick with the olds?

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    Ken F
    Hell man, that's a good start! You will love the room in that boat. That's what the wife and I really miss about the one I posted pics of. We now have a Cheyenne tunnel hull, which is way faster, but short on room.
    Do you still have the fiberglass swim step for the back?
    Be careful with your windshields...there arent any replacements, and they break easy if leaned on.
    Just don't get caught up in trying to make it fast! lol It's a heavy boat.
    Do a forum search on the Olds. They have some oil issues which need to be addressed to make them spin high rpm for extended periods. Learn about your engine's limitations before you take it out. they can be made dependable, but they need some help in a boating application. Think about it a little. They were made to cruize your moms Vista-Cruzer down the highway at 2200 rpm which they did well, But in a boat you are going to be turning it 4500 for long periods.
    Welcome to Jet-boats! you're gonna love it!
    Ken F

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    I have a swimstep for the Omega. Comes with a boat and trailer.

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