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Thread: camp far west

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    Doin' Time
    what a trip!!!
    the other threads about some it up.
    but i wanted to give a very special thanks to gary(runs the lake) for helping me get out of a bad situation with my trailer....

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    If you look close on the tongue of the trailer,by the splice plate of the fold away,you will see!

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    Is that a large crack I see???

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    Doin' Time
    yes,only one of the 4-sides is still intact....both thats nothing compared to your guys motorhome adventure!

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    Monkey Bung
    BT 273....Looks like you need some welding lessons. SCHOOLS IN SESSION!!!

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    Doin' Time
    273? did you weld that?????????.....i think your homie did./or maybe boy named sue?

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