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Thread: Little Russia?

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    Forkin' Crazy
    I watched a program on PBS (ain't got no cable in da sticks!!!) on Ronald Reagan... What a man BTW... and it seems more of the country was behind him....
    Anyway there was video of them (the liberated Russians) dragging a statue... of Stalin I think... down and off... same way with SaddamÂ’s... in Iraq.. too bad some don't see it like that...

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    Steve 1
    Yes I am watching it now he was the real thing!

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    IMO, the main reason the Dems hate Regan so much is the way he used to run into battles in congress, and go on natl TV, talk to the public, about how & why congress was holding up a perfectly good, comon-sense idea, and he'd ram it thru on a flood of phone calls from the constituency.

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