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Thread: Ipod Icruize

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    Were can i get the module to hard wire the IPOD into the stock GM head unit??

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    Were can i get the module to hard wire the IPOD into the stock GM head unit??
    If you want to control the Ipod from the head unit and are willing to lose XM (if you have it), makes na adapter. It can still be unplugged just as you would with your computer.

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    Anywhere the Icruize is available should be able to order the monster cable OEM interface harness if it's not instock at the store...
    The model is likely the MPCFX IMGM1

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    Year 2004 Chevy 2500HD C/C Diesel, No Satelite radio just the factory in dash 6 disc changer, With the bose speakers.

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    I'm interested too. I've got an 05 Chevy Dmax CC with the Bose 6 disc and factory XM.
    What's the best Ipod controller?

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    Here you go...
    Thanks Roz, How about one that doesn't kill my XM? I'm looking for the best all around Ipod to GM interface.
    Thanks again,

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    Here you go...
    Hey Roz can you get me one of these????

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    Just found out... as long as a certain supplier will sell to me and they have it instock. I can get it...

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    Will these work a NON ipod MP3 player? Like a Creative. I wanna be able to hook mine up to my 2005 Chevy truck. I don't have XM and really don't know if it has the controls built in.

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