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Thread: HAHA... check out this clip of a "crack shot"....

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    This guy is the "best" hunter i have seen in a long time...."range work" (

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    Old Texan
    I can't believe the deer stayed for 3 shots. He must have encountered "Deadeye" before and knew he was safe. :rollside:

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    He shots like that granny from Jbb's post!
    Lee Havey Oswall he is not...

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    You have to be kidding me. If that thing was any closer he could have jumped out and stabbed it. :skull:

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    That thar is whut we cawl "Buck Fever" in these hyar parts boys 'n gurls.
    Serously bad case. dammmmmm.
    He would have been better off with a bayonet charge. :cry:

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    Man, I coulda nailed that thing with a jiz shot. WHat a lame ass.

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    Looked to me like his gun was WAY off.
    His shots were preatty consistant.

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    Yeah, nice grouping but just a little more adjustment for windage. :220v:

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    PETA Hunter....

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    wanna B V
    And I thought this thread was going to be a picture of some plumber :rollside:

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