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Thread: VP 112octane Race Gas drum...???

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    Anyone know what they go for...we have a drum we need to sell......anyone intrested???

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    30 gallon or 55 gallon?
    Last time I checked it was in the 5's. Need someone to take your hands off of it?
    Oh yah....empty or full of 112?

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    more info please

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    Squirtin Thunder
    The deposit on the drums is $25

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    It is a 55 gallon Drum of C-12. It is completly full. What other info did you need???

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    Squirtin Thunder
    $302.50 is the cost for fresh 110 fuel plus the $25 deposit on the drum.

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    $302.50 is the cost for fresh 110 fuel plus the $25 deposit on the drum.
    VP 112 is not 110, it is actually like 116 using the r-m/2 or what ever that method is they use for gas at the gas stations. Sunoco 110 would be equivelent to 106 octane from VP. VP uses a calculation on octane that produces a lower number - but they feel this calculation it is more accurate and consistent. Most of the other companies use the calculation that gives them a higher number.
    So, your reference to "110" cost is not comparable.

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    Just called VP. Price for retail right now is $398. Plus a $10 drum deposit. If you factor in tax, it would be $439.62...ish. $7.23/gallon plus tax.
    55 gallon drum is too big for me to handle, but, if you are offering a discount, I might figure out how to handle it.

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    Sunoco 110 is $5.15 at Down Commericial Fueling in Riverside. This is out of the pump, not drums.

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    Ok..Just talked to my buddy. I guess he has half on another one availible as well...He said $450.00 for both...Good value.

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