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Thread: New Years Eve Ghost town 4x4 trip

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    This is a pretty cool place and covers many acres and a ton of mine shafts, buildings and tons of equipment. It is a long tuff day in the 4x4 but a fun one.
    Over view of a portion of the ghost town. On the right are giant mixing silos
    Ore tumbler with 10Lb steel balls inside the size of baseballs.
    View of the crushing operation, check out that Diesel
    Another view of the crushers
    The old 97 Landcrusier with lockers on making short order of a small but nasty hill. It doesn't look bad in the pic but this is where the slightly mod 4x4 stopped. The old TLC always comes through.
    A good day by the group with no break downs, flats or body damage :rollside:

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    Hardly Satisfied
    looks like you had a good time

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    i enjoy trips like that.

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    Where was this??

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    It was way back in the Bradshaw mountains north of Lake Pleasant. Nasty sharp rock and boulder ride.

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    Thanks for sharing the pics. I'd not get to see that sort of thing otherwise.

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