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Thread: Boats of Winter

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    Mrs P
    I didn't get alot of pics since I was doing the potluck thing but I thougt these diehards deserved some recognition. If any of you have any info (like owner, etc)on any of the pics please fill in some captions for us.
    Thanks to Traci (Waterwitch) for the chili, thanks to the DiscoBay guys for the keg, sodas and all the help and to PinstriperGirl for the papergoods. You guys (DiscoBay) rock, it was fun meeting you. We'll have to do the Old River trip this coming season. Happy New Year to all!
    2. Blue Streak, (Jim Ruppel, El Dorado Hills)
    3. BAE 557 wrote:
    Pictures 3 and 4 are of the SWTD White Thunder driven and owned by a good friend Charlie H, real nice piece, ran in the NJBA River Racer class last year.

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    centurion tunnel

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    Doin' Time Great pics,This boat rocks.
    didnt this boat race preacher?

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    love those v-drive tunnels!

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    Doin' Time
    didnt this boat race preacher?
    i thought this boat raced preacher...maybe i got it is a nice boat..i like the seats in it...

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    didnt this boat race preacher?
    Yes this was the boat that raced preacher.

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    Boat 2 is Blue Streak, (Jim Ruppel, El Dorado Hills)

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    Photo #7 "Wasabi" #757 Owned and driven by John Douglas

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    Who's boat is this ?
    Is that a 21' Daytona ?
    Any more pics ?
    I'm ready to buy a 2nd boat and would like some input on how this one ran.

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