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Thread: free disassembled and rusty 327 chevy

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    engine is gone. thanks guys.

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    Think I'll take it. I am travelling to SoCal this Saturday, where ya at?

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    lakes- i'd love to give the parts to you saturday but I just realized that the shop the truck is at is locked up on weekends. Lemme see if i can figure a way of getting access to it. otherwise you'd have to come get it during the week, preferably before 5pm. sorry for the inconvenience.

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    Doin' Time
    what a great deal..if you were closer....

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    Nucking futs
    Where is the shop at and maybe I will pick it up for Paul and he can get it from me on Saterday. Let me know

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    Thank you all for your support.
    Cyclone, I relinquish my interest in the 327 motor. I jumped the gun on calculating the need for it, and figured since I was down there this w/e...
    My intent was to arrive in SoCal Saturday and just drop it all off at my partner's shop in San Fernando. Since motor is available for p/u weekdays only, I've been looking into arranging for the shop helper to pick it all up this from you during the week. But I have just learned that there are literally 25 engines disassembled all over the shop for the next container shipment to Europe...leaves out of Long Beach in two weeks with as many engines as can be finished by then. there is no way all 25 engines will be completed in two weeks. So, absolutely no room for the motor at this time and not needed.
    Thanks anyway. Free engine anyone?

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    mike, ill take the heads if they are still there. and if nobody wants the engine i will take that too, but i dont have a need for it yet. though i can hold onto it for a while in case someone needs it.

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    VIC-thanks for the reply. one of my coworkers grabbed the parts this morning. sorry man.

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