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Thread: Stolen !!! 30 Ft Spectre Cat

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    30' Spectre
    w/Twin 2. 5 Mercury Outboards
    has been stolen from Brick, New Jersey between the hours of 5pm
    12/31/2005 New Years Eve and 12 pm New Years Day
    HULL ID # SSS30419J102
    Please contact Francine @732.330.2493 or 732.477.7039 if you have any information that could be helpful.

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    Hope they get it one piece.

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    Anyone in the Tri-Sate area Sunday Night and Monday, please be on a heightened ALERT!!!
    You all have photos of what the boat looks like.
    I feel if there was ever a time that these people will try to move the boat, it would be the day the NY Boat Show is over and the dealers are moving out. Those two days there will be many boats on our highways.
    I walked the show and don't remember seeing any outboard Spectres there.
    So if you see one on the road, shrinkwrapped or not, call it in!
    Keep an eye on 95 South to Florida too! As many could be heading for the Miami show from NY.
    Thanks Phat Matt for posting the photos! I appreciate it!

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    Hardly Satisfied
    that sucks

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    I just found this out:
    There is a $6500.00 Reward for this boat. If anyone knows anything contact The Todd & Associates,inc 1 800 325 8061
    It was a 2002 30 ft Specter Hin SSS30419J102
    Reg# NJ 0246 GX
    2002 Mercury 2.5 efi Port 300serial # OT441
    Starboard serial # OT430043
    Trailer Vin# 5A4YGHG1122010283
    Plate# TBY82N
    I hope this helps anyone who possibly sees the boat.
    Good luck!

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    Sorry to hear about this.

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    2002 30' Spectre & Owens & Son trailer
    Stolen: January 1, 2006; Pro Rock Marine; Mantoloking; Bricktown, New Jersey
    Reporting Agency: Bricktown Police Dept (732) 262-1150
    Report #: NJ0150600
    RECOVERED January 2006 in Suffolk County, NY
    Boat missing numbers on transom and engines gone.

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    Have they found anyone (perpetraitors) they can prosecute?

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    '78 gt boat
    glad you got the boat back. Sucks the motor is gone. good luck to you

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