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Thread: Pickelfork Jet

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    I have been looking high and low for years for a pickelfork jetboat project or just one in general for sale? I am in California how rare are these hulls and who makes them sanger?? HELP...................

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    They are around, don't give up. Friend of mine has one that he is putting back together after rescuing it from a pasture.... It's a Sanger as well... :rollside:

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    sanger rat
    Their around.

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    Im looking for something thats complete minus motor and interior etc. I can do most all the work myself and would prefer to do so to have it built my way. I have made the mistake of buying nice boats and ripping them apart because i didnt quite like the paint, interior, motor, etc. I have 2 jets right now a 78 bahner which im trying to sell or trade for a camaro....or picklefork. Or I have a 74 tahiti project that is all there minus motor and needs everything redone. I dont have much to spend at the moment since the holidays and dreaded property taxs but i do have those two boats i would like to move and I will be getting a good tax refund and vacation pay soon. Let me know if any of that interests you. Do you have pics or more info? what do you want for it?

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    are ya talking about a pickelfork like a hydro ? or like an eliminator daytona ?
    a buddy of mine has a jet hydro forsale over on texas*** .
    and I have a centurion tunnel for sale on here.

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    sanger rat
    I couldn't sell it. I like it too much.

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    Picklefork hydro is what im talking about but i like them both!!

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    Jet Hydro
    How much money you got???????? if you have enough, lets talk

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    Picklefork hydro is what im talking about but i like them both!!
    Ok if ya go over and look in texas*** you can see a jet hydro forsale look under Duane.

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    it looks like the one in jet hydro's avatar and it's yellow. it's located in victoria,texas.

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