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Thread: Legends Race Car Spam...Trade?

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    I have a legends race car (5/8 scale 1937 Chevy Sedan) replica. These cars are lightning fast and very competitive. See or I would be interested in selling the car or partially trading for a 18 foot gull wing lake boat hull.
    Here is a large photo, email me for addional photos or information.

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    does it come with a trailer?

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    I should probably keep the trailer my asphalt days are over but still have a dirt track bomber car I might just want to race again if we ever get a local dirt track back up and running. The Indians here built a killer faclility but have never given it a chance to make money so now it looks like they are closing the doors.

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    how about a 20' eliminator scorpion? A buddy of mine in granbury texas has one forsale he might just go for that.He goes by filucky on here and bluehornet over on texas*** .

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    20' is larger than what I want. I am after a 18 perfered or 19.

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