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    I am putting an order together for the last of my stereo parts, and one of the things I am getting is a fused distribution block.
    The one I'm looking at is by Streetwires, and you can get it with either AGU fuses, Maxi fuses, or AFS (midi) fuses.
    What do you think would be best? I'm thinking the Maxi fuses, as they are readily available, and a better fuse the the AGU. I'm worried about the availability of the MIDI fuses, so I think they're out.
    Thoughts, opinions??????

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    Both Maxi and AGU are readily available, but AGU is more so...

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    It sure seems funny to me, that you run 1/0 cable, and then drop to 4ga so you don't have much resistance, but on the way you run it through a fuse with a wire the size of a hair running through it.

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    I was referring to an agu fuse to the 4ga that would be in a fused distribution block

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