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Thread: New rub rail

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    Where should I go to order a new rub rail for my 1979 19' GT bubbledeck?

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    Where should I go to order a new rub rail for my 1979 19' GT bubbledeck?
    Try The guy I talked to (Alan Ray, I think was his name) was extremely helpful in locating the rub rail I needed, and even though he stocked it, he sent me to his supplier who happened to be in the same city as me so I would save on the shipping.
    Didn't end up buying any rub rail in the end, but really helpful people with good selection and very helpful.

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    Joe Shelfo - GT Boats: 707-312-0603 he is the new owner of GT boats. They don't make the hulls anymore but they still have parts I talk to him 3-4 months ago has rub rails in stock they had a red anadized that i thought would be cool give him a call. chad

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    Thanks Chad. How's the rain up there?

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    El Prosecutor
    Try . . . . .
    Thanks for the post RobK - good info on hard to find stuff.

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