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Thread: 11 Miners Found Dead

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    Waist Deep
    What a disappointment. Our prayers go to the families of this rollercoaster ride.

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    The story took a terrible twist and our heart goes out to the families of the 12 who died, I hope the one who lived is able to recover

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    Very Very Sad!!!!
    For those that just got up and are confused - as I's the timeline from
    3-hour delay
    11:53 p.m. -- Church bells ring as reports first indicate that 12 miners have been found alive.
    2:14 a.m. -- A man is rescued and taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition after being trapped underground for nearly 40 hours.
    2:44 a.m. -- Miners' relatives say they had been told all but one of the miners were dead.
    3:11 a.m. -- Hatfield, president and CEO of International Coal Group, which owns the Sago Mine, announces that despite previous reports, only one survivor was found in the mine. (Timeline)
    Hatfield called it the "worst day of my life."
    Critical condition
    The sole survivor, Randal McCloy, 27, was in critical condition in intensive care Wednesday at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown.
    "He suffered some collapse of one of his lungs," said Dr. Larry Roberts. "And we're trying to reopen that and there's good progress there."
    Roberts said McCloy was sedated and attached to a breathing tube, but was moving and responding to stimuli.
    "We hope that we will try to awaken him later today or tomorrow," the doctor said.
    Labor Secretary Elaine Chao said the Mine Safety and Health Administration was launching an investigation to determine the cause of the tragedy. Hatfield also said an investigation would be conducted.
    'Who do we tell?'
    Hatfield said he knew within 20 minutes that an error had been made and that not all 12 were alive, but said he did not inform jubilant family members.
    "We couldn't correct the information without knowing more about it," he told reporters. "Let's put this in perspective -- who do we tell not to celebrate? All I knew is, there weren't 12 people that were alive. It was somewhere between 12 and zero."
    Hatfield said he understood family members' anger.
    "I'm not surprised or upset with them. They certainly have some basis for their frustration, having been put through this emotional roller-coaster. I wouldn't wish that on anyone."
    Hatfield said the miscommunication occurred between rescue crews and the command center, causing the earlier erroneous reports. (Watch the CEO's grim announcement -- 9:00)
    Prayers and thoughts are with the families....

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    One or more people need to be put down into the mine with no oxygen for doing this to the families!

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    That's a sad story. I saw the new just before bed that they were alive and when I got up they were dead.
    MMD, which way do you want it? Should the families be left in the dark until they either pull bodies out or they walk out on thier own? Or should they be allowed access to important information related to the rescue that has a chance of bieng inaccurate?
    They (the families) would have been screaming foul if the rescuers had just said we wont talk until its over. Its a catch 22 with that kind of information.
    I agree about the information. Seems that the company never announced that the miners were alive. Someone overheard a rescuer on the open communication system, and "rumor" spread that they were alive, is how it looks anyway. The Mining Company knew that rumor had spread, but didn't want to make a statement until they knew the tally.
    I have issues with the speed of this whole operation though. Sure seems to me.....sitting in mt living room 3,000 miles away and knowing nothing about anything.....that they could of moved a lot fast on this whole operation. I'm sure they will learn from the upcoming investigations though, and maybe it will save others in the future.

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    Mrs. Bordsmnj
    Its a horrible tradgedy and I feel for the trauma the families were put thru with the roller coster of news but to say some peeps from the mining company should be put down there is hardly fair. Its not like they said "Hey, lets screw with these people and tell them their men are alive even though they aren't". It was appearantly a miscommunication. Although a tragic one, it was a mistake.
    I am sure if it was my husband down there I would want to hang someone by the balls for the mix up but now there is already talk of a lawsuit for the mistake. Come on......
    Regardless, my thoughts go out to the family members who lost their loved ones.

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    When I read it last night, I recall that it did state "unconfirmed." Unconfirmed means it can't be corroborated, so it could be innaccurate. One should never take an unconfirmed report as fact, although we'd often like to.
    Sad, sad, sad day.

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    When I read it last night, I recall that it did state "unconfirmed." Unconfirmed means it can't be corroborated, so it could be innaccurate. One should never take an unconfirmed report as fact, although we'd often like to.
    Sad, sad, sad day.
    If it is should not be reported. Shit, you could write headlines all day based on these forums.
    This is a perfect example of why I won't watch any news program (I gave up t.v. all together) and give most written papers as much credit as a troller on HB. They are not about the truth, regardless of what side of the issue they are on. They are out and out wh0res and only publish what makes them sell.
    Fox and CNN are not cheap operations, and are on the opposite ends of the political spectrum, and they are both wh0res. This is a confirmed story.

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    Its too bad that in a day and age where we have so much technology,we still have people that go underground in those dangerous areas.That has to be one of the worse ways to end a life.Very sad.

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