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Thread: Droop Snoot / Place Diverter

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    I've been looking into getting my project 18 Biesemeyer jetdrive rebuilt. It currently has a droop snoot, and I want a place diverter. I've been told that I should replace the droop snoot and go with just the place diverter. Can I go with both? What are the pros / cons? I'm planing on using a 502, 502hp crate engine, can anyone give me an idea of what performance I should be seeing? Hull is blueprinted and pump will be rebuilt to new, plus whatever I can do to make it as efficient as possible. Hull is really light. Thanks for your input...

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    need pics of this Bezer!!! Mine uses both quite well. is yours the V style bottom or the modified tunnels?

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    Here's the rear...
    What engine do you run? What kind of speed are you seeing?

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    floored has one just like yours.....and i had one sold it a year ago........mine with a droop and diverter and a worn out 12 jg did 70 and change on the gps.....with your power and a good engind id expect to see at least 75 to 80.....oh ya keep the droop i was told not to run a droop also but all i had to do was lower the ride plate 4 turns and it smoothed right out........great looking jet boat keep the pics coming please....this was my old one belowhttp://www.***

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    Mr. Crusader 83

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    Does the droop make that much differance, if so is it worth the money?

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    Mr. Crusader 83
    i think it help alot.... it makes the boat feel lighter in the water when your up on plane. it doesnt feel so stuck. it gets a little loose at times. but its better by far.

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    I have that same droop and nozzle setup on my Jacuzzi, in my Biesemeyer and it works great. Boat always has a slight wiggle to it, nothing bad just a feeling when running kinda midrange but is steady at full throttle. Could be part of the shoe and rideplate working together, only does it when running light and not with 5 people in the boat. this is a part throttle pic

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    the droop and diverter combined for 7 mph on my boat

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    Thanks for the input...hoping I'll be able to get 80+mph...will go with both the droop and the diverter. Anyone have any idea what that hardware is running under the motor mount?

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