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Thread: Jacuzzi wj model info please

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    1973 Hondo
    Anyone know the goods and bads of this pump, or upgrades?

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    Hey Hondo, welcome to the other side. Ive got good news for you though. The WJ is a good pump, or atleast better than the other Jacuzzi offerings. I am not an expert and wont pretend to be, but I will tell you what I have learned in my short existence with this pump. There are two types of pumps, axial flow, and mixed flow. Yours is the latter. My understanding is that the speed you travel is dictated by the amount of water your pump will flow, vs. an axial flow pump which operates on thrust. From what I have heard, do not put an energizer kit on your pump. These are intended for use on the YJ pumps, to convert them to a mixed flow. You can also add a place diverter to help with planing, and to have rooster tail capability. Whatever you do, do not buy the Seloc manual on jet drives. It is a repair manual that covers many pumps and models of each, there are only about three sentences regarding this pump in the whole book, and a nifty diagram of the pump which can be found on the web(try the ADM website-there is a link on the home page of ***boat) The manual says something bout boats with the WJ being capable of speeds in excess of 100 mph, and that the publishers intent is to only cover stock applications-pure BS. Any way, try the place diverter website, they will have the parts to convert your pump to a rooster tail machine, for around $750 bucks I think. In other words, it is not a bad unit, its just not a Berkeley. But with some attention from a reputable builder(try Jack @ MPD, his # is on these forums a lot,and if you call him, he will tell you everything you want to know) and your pump will perform very well.

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    BJ pretty much covers it all. A place diverter is a great improvement, but don't install one unless you have a shop like MPD bore the nozzle out of your bowl. Ina Jacuzzi, the Nozzle is part of the casting in the bowl. In all the other mixed flow pumps with or without a Place Diverter, the steering nozzle is the nozzle. Once the WJ has been modified, which is much cheaper than buying a energizer kit, it's just a good as any of the other mixed flow pumps.
    MPD's # is 949-631-2040
    Hope ths helps
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    Place diverter actually makes a whole new nozzle for this pump which includes the diverter. Its a pretty sweat unit, cant wait to get mine.

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    Brendella, yes the Place diverter is the nozzle, but in a Jacuzzi their is a nozzle casted into the bowl. The steering nozzle on a Jacuzzi is just that, a steering nozzle. On all other mixed flow pumps the steering nozzle is also the nozzle for the jet thrust. Therefore, you need to have the nozzle cut off and bored out to match the Place Diverter adapter. Otherwise, you will have two nozzles in line which will slow you down. Give MPD a call. They can explain it better that I can I'm sure.

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