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Thread: Lowering a 85 Chevy

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    I'm wanting to lower my truck as low as I can go with out changing the a-arms. I want it to handle well, the road home from college is crooked. Any ideas how much I need to go, or some ideas about a kit, but I dont want the cheap stuff.

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    sanger rat
    For everyday driving 4-6 is as low as I would go. This is the good stuff.

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    Cole Sanger
    Belltech 4" drop spindles in the front, and relocate the hangers in the rear. Also, you are going to want to have someone c-notch the rear ($50.00 when I had mine done). I had an 84 GMC crew cab dually. Worked well, but you won't get the good handling unless you opt for airbags.

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    $50 for a c notch?

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    You did'nt say is it a 1/2 ton or what ?

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    Cole Sanger
    It was in 1998 at a small welding shop.

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    It's a 1/2 ton short wide. How about the air bag thing? I can notch it my self I have a mig and a plasma cutter. The truck is just a toy, after I get it lowered I'm going to try and get as much weight off the front as I can, I can use some scales of my friends to try and get everything close as I can.

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    Cole Sanger
    I don't know how much they are now, but 4-5 years ago, I could get airbags installed for 16-1800. I didn't do it, my truck started having way to many problems. Ended up selling it and going lifted. Good luck, and post some pictures.

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    Spindles on the front and 4link/or ladder bars for the rear with a c-notch. Make sure you grab a set of short shocks and relocate them

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    I lowered my 86 dually with a Bell Tech kit, spindles and springs up front and a flip kit on the back with KYB gas shocks all the way around, it handled like a dream and had the comfort of a Town Car!...

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