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Thread: Wj Jacuzzi water shutoff valves?

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    1973 Hondo
    I was told not to run a regulator valve or shutoff valve on this application, because it restricts the flow to the engine, and the pump only puts out 40 psi max. Any ideas? ANd thermostats, do you run them why and why not? Thanks By the way my avtar finaly works...woho

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    Here's a thread that kind of covers this:
    all about valves and water pressure

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    I have a WJ and there is a regulator on it. I do not know the pressure that the pump puts out, motor ran fine all summer, occasionally reaching 190 degrees, but the gauges are pretty beat so, im not sure if I trust them. Either way, I'll know more after the engine swap, pump rebuild and new gauges!!! I can see this project getting out of control! I say you run the regulator, 40 PSI seems a little high.

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    1973 Hondo
    Thats what don @ Dons pump service told me, he said the pump pumps about 220 gal per hour, but by the time the pressure reaches the motor it might be 12 to 15 psi, and when you restrict it , thats when it gets its pressure, and you reading the engine temp, you are reading ambient temp of the water in the manifold from the lake , river etc, so if the water temp gauge says 160, the motor could be 160 180 way to hot, and he said if they were meant to have valves on them the boat would have come with one....makes sense

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    1973 Hondo
    sorry engine temps 200 to 220 or more if the ambient temp is 160 to 180 according to him

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